My high school days were clouded with colourful dreams. Each time I thought of the future, I saw a clear path beautified with sparkling rainbows. I mean, what could go wrong? I was a good student who with a landslide victory won a major school election to become Vice President of the school’s media club.

Honestly, I was so certain I would be dazzled by life’s perky treats the moment I made it to university and earned good grades. Alas! Adulthood teaches you that life is not all rainbows and unicorns. The step to a life of comfort and impact is in no way simple.

The Awakening

As an enthusiastic student in the university studying Philosophy, I once asked my lecturer where I could work after graduation apart from becoming a lecturer like him? I looked forward to being inspired, but to my surprise, he laughed and simply said “Anywhere.” 

This was the first time this wordsmith had answered a question vaguely. Honestly, it did not leave a good taste. Frankly, as a youth in a developing country, being told you can work anywhere was best interpreted as nowhere. 

Accordingly, for the first time, my future was unclear. The uncertainty was disturbing, so I asked myself, what is the way forward?

The image is a representation of the question "What's next"

A Clearer Path

The image displays a road leading to success

Self-development became a necessity if I was to find my place in this cycle of life. 

Growing up, I loved creating stories and I believed that words were mightier than swords. Therefore, I took to content creation.   This passion led me into discovering the Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program.

Reading about the Udacity learning platform left me in awe so I swiftly jumped on the opportunity to win a Digital Marketing Nanodegree scholarship. 

Indeed, the people at Udacity are in all ramifications excellent. The challenge phase was like an amazing appetizer, it made me burn in desire for the Nanodegree Program. 

Consequently, I juggled through the daily hassle and bustle of life to ensure I was well prepared for the final assessment. This time around, my dreams came through. It wasn’t beautified with sparkling rainbows but it was a package of hope. A chance to learn a skill from which I can commence a clear career path.

Furthermore, the world is fast becoming digital in all ramifications. Tapping into the digital world equipped with an important skill like digital marketing learned from a great learning platform like Udacity will be life-changing. For the first time in a long time, I am confident of better days. And this time around, it is not based on childish wishful thinking but because I am obtaining a skill with immense value.