Irrespective of social class, gender, and level of popularity nobody likes to be alone. People want to love and be loved. Hence, the world is filled with countless love songs. Unfortunately, in our quest for love, we sometimes form a toxic relationship. Timely Identification of red flags is vital.

Accordingly, this article highlights and discusses five red flags that indicate a toxic relationship. However, before slamming the nail on the head, let’s walk through the basics. 

What is a Relationship

The word relationship refers to a shared bond between people. There are various forms of relationships, and each of them can either be toxic or healthy. However, this article is concerned with romantic relationships.

A romantic relationship is a bond between two people which is characterised by physical intimacy and deep emotions. Romantic relationships are usually sexually active, nevertheless, there are exceptions. In a romantic relationship, both parties are expected to respect, admire, love, trust and care for each other. Unfortunately, in reality, some supposedly romantic relationships are simply toxic. 

What is a Toxic Relationship 

A toxic relationship is a relationship that is unhealthy to the parties involved. In such a relationship, happiness is short-lived. A toxic relationship can be physically and mentally harmful.

In toxic relationships, instead of blossoming, we tend to shrink daily. Toxic relationships are stressful and unnecessary turvy-topsy. A relationship can become toxic when the people involved are not compatible, or one of them is violent, disrespectful and manipulative. 

The effects of a toxic relationship are huge, yet people often do not realise that they are in one. Some people are so used to toxicity that they think it is normal. Such a thinking habit occurs mostly when one was raised in a toxic home.

The worst outcome of continuing a toxic relationship is making babies together. The innocent children are either raised in a toxic environment or go through life with the pain of being raised in a broken home. 

A stitch in time saves nine, and prevention is way better than cure. Once you identify the about to be enlisted red flags zoom off. Love does not have to be tough and harmful. Never settle for a toxic relationship. Here are some relationship red flags.

5 Red Flags That Signifies a Toxic Relationship

Frequent Fights

Relationships are not a walk in the park. It will not always be lovey-dovey and love will certainly not always be the language you both will speak. There will be days of disagreements and feuds, and that is normal.

Nevertheless, regular fights are a red flag. Compatibility is key in any relationship and a relationship devoid of compatibility is heading for doom. A relationship between two compatible people will not have constant fights. There will certainly be disagreements but it won’t be the constant characteristic of the relationship.

If you and your partner are always at loggerheads then it is time to reconsider the stance of that relationship. Compatibility of ideas and values is key. A toxic relationship is devoid of compatibility and this leads to constant fights and feuds. 

Honestly, regular fights should not be swept under the carpet and viewed as normal. If you are always fighting with your partner, visit a therapist. If therapy cannot fix the underlying issues then it is time to go separate ways.

Being in a relationship filled with constant fights is toxic and draining both physically and mentally. Moreover, raising children in such an environment is disastrous. 

Constant fights are a sign of a toxic relationship.

Regular Disrespect

A toxic relationship is loaded with disrespect. Disrespect in relationships can occur in various modes. If your relationship is disrespectful it is the hub of toxicity. Never settle for a relationship that is characterized by constant disrespect.

Some modes of disrespect include;

  • Cheating
  • Disregard for your opinions
  • Belittling
  • Bringing your issues to social media
  • Speaking to you in an unruly manner
  • Questioning all your actions 
  • Causing you frequent embarrassment
  • Accommodating the disrespect given to you by their family and friends.
  • Frequent lies

If your partner does any of the following then you are in a toxic relationship.

When Your Partner is a Narcissist

Narcissists are manipulative and control freaks. Staying with them is hell. Narcissists are egocentric and will always put themselves first. In relationships, both parties must be willing to make sacrifices for each other and narcissists won’t do such.

Again, narcissists enjoy pulling others down and will make you feel guilty even when they are at fault. Dating a narcissist is a recipe for a toxic relationship. They are experts in gaslighting. Once your partner exhibits signs of narcissism that is a crystal red flag.

People ought to flourish in relationships, and dating narcissists will certainly do the opposite. Leave a narcissist with the speed of light.


An abusive relationship is toxic. Any relationship that condones any form of abuse is toxic. A relationship that is either physically, psychologically, or emotionally abusive should be left without looking back.

Considering violence, both parties in a relationship must always keep their hands to themselves. No disagreement should ever result in violence. Listen, no one has the right to physically hurt anyone (except in self-defence) and condoning such an attitude is against the tenets of self-love.

A violent relationship can lead to death or permanent disability. The moment your partner results in violence that is a red flag you should not condone. 

In the same vein, verbal, emotional and psychological abuse is a huge red flag. Hurtful words hurt deeply and can reduce your self-confidence to dust. If your partner regularly says hurtful things to you, that should be a deal-breaker.

Unhealthy Competition 

Partners ought to inspire and cheer for one another. It ought to be a thing of joy watching your partner soar. In a relationship, both parties should be confidence boosters for one another. You are both a team and should act as such. Jealousy should never creep into your relationship. 

If you notice your partner is in an unhealthy competition with you, and rather than push you towards success they pull you back, that relationship is toxic. Candidly, this should be a deal-breaker. 

Final Thoughts 

To be loved and loved is a beautiful feeling and experience. However, you have to do this with the right person else you could end up with grave regrets.

If you observe any of these five red flags that indicate a toxic relationship in your relationship,  then you need to rethink that relationship. 

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