Paedophiles are people sexually attracted to children. They are as real as day but difficult to detect like a fallen pin under the night sky. When the world was singing out their hearts and dancing to the rhythm of R. Kelly’s melodious songs, who could have guessed that the ace artiste was a paedophile? Therefore, knowing how to protect children from paedophiles is crucial.

The resonance behind paedophilia is never justifiable even when thought about from a topsy-turvy position. In a world characterised by anxieties, and ruthless challenges, snatching the innocence of children, thereby leaving them scarred is a beastly behaviour that should be vehemently prevented. 

I randomly remember the case of a mother who walked into her home and was welcomed by a sight that took her consciousness away. Her little boys who ought to have been playing with toys or doing kids’ stuff, were both unclad fiddling their genitals. How did they learn such idiosyncrasy?

The boys were questioned and they innocently mentioned that they were just doing what their aunt usually does to them behind closed doors. Everyone turned to the accused, ready to devour her, but she uttered words that left everyone frigid. She pointed accusing fingers towards the lady’s husband and narrated how he had abused her since she walked through their door as a 13-year-old girl. In return, she was just performing on his kids all he did and has continued to do to her.

Sadly, the above is just one instance out of multiple devastating cases of paedophile activities. Therefore, protecting children and teenagers from paedophiles is a matter of urgency. Learn how to protect children from paedophiles.

Tips On How To Protect Children From Paedophiles 

Lately, the internet is filled with reported cases of the brutish activities of paedophiles. Sometimes the relationship status between the victims and the perpetrators of this crime drops your jaw in astonishment. 

There are reports of fathers defiling their children. While this may come across as unbelievable, it is a sad reality. Therefore, no one can be entirely ruled off. At a time like this, being informed on how to protect your children from paedophiles is a must.

If no one can be trusted wholly, fierce measures must be taken to safeguard children.

These measures are:

Arm Your Kids With Knowledge


Knowledge is indeed power and the key to clogging the wheels of paedophiles. Arm your children with appropriate knowledge of their genitals and the activities of paedophiles. 

The moment they begin to speak, teach them the correct names of their genitals. Equally, educate them that no one has the right to touch their genitals and if anyone does, they should report to you immediately. Normalize asking your children/wards questions about their day and the activities that took place in your absence.

I beam each time I recall the day while walking through a crowded Park, someone accidentally grazed my nephew’s behind and he turned around and loudly said;

“Do not touch my buttocks!” At the time, he was just a little over two years of age.

Groom your children from an early age that it is wrong for anyone to fondle their genitals and uncomfortably caress their body.

Tell Them About Paedophiles

We tell our kids folktales and myths to instil in them various moral lessons. On television, they watch Cinderella, Rapunzel, and other stories that fill their heads with the illusions of a charming prince coming to sweep them off their feet and witches. While the above is alright, how about telling them about issues that are real, important, and will shield them from being violated.

Tell them about paedophiles and the damages they can cause. You can channel your inner creativity and educate them through the use of a story. 

For instance, here is a quick story I just composed.

The Dark Side of Smiling Joe 

Once upon a time, there lived a man known as smiling Joe. He was called smiling Joe because he wore a wide grin each time he saw children. He loved to play with children and would easily earn their love by giving them candies, biscuits and other yummy goodies. All the children loved the generous smiling Joe. Smiling Joe was not just loved by the kids, their parents loved him too and would let their kids play with him and spend time in his home. Unknowing to the parents, smiling Joe had a dark and dangerous side. He wasn’t as nice as he seemed.

Smiling Joe was a paedophile. A paedophile is a person who likes to touch children wrongfully. Normal people are attracted to their fellow adults, but smiling Joe was a dangerous weirdo that prefers children. He only acted kindly to earn the trust of parents and lure their children into his house. When alone with them, he will begin to touch their bodies, especially their buttocks, penis, and vaginal. He would give candies to the children to pacify them and ask them not to tell their mummies and daddies.

One day, the fake smiling Joe tried his antics on a new kid whose family just moved into the neighbourhood. Unknowing to him the kid has been informed never to let anyone touch her private parts. And if anyone does such, she should scream for help and report to her parents. The kid did as she had been told. She screamed and shirked for help even though Joe tried to shut her up. Fortunately, people heard her scream and banged loudly on the door. A scared Joe opened the door but before he could speak,  the child yelled;

“He was touching my vaginal!”

Angrily, the people grabbed smiling Joe and sent him to jail. Other parents began questioning their kids and the children told them all smiling Joe have been doing to them. The parents wept and henceforth they told their children to scream each time someone tries to touch their private parts.

The End.

The use of stories will help younger children understand who are paedophiles and how they must never condone their antics. 

Kindly note that women can be paedophiles and you can tailor your own story.

Teach Your Children Contentment 

Paedophiles weaponized gifts, money and yummy meals to lure innocent children. Teach your children contentment so their innocence will not be snatched through the use of  material things

Establish A Strong Bond With Your Children/Wards

In parenting, trust is key and no bestowed faith should be broken. Create a strong bond with your children so that with ease they can unpack their day’s activities to you.

Children/wards suffer in silence in the hands of paedophiles because they are not comfortable enough to share what they are going through with their parents or guardians.

Some paedophiles threaten to harm their victims if they speak up, it is therefore imperative to form a huge bond that will transcend beyond the fear of being harmed for speaking up.

Believe Your Children/Ward When They Speak Up 

Never shut a child up when they speak their truth, else they would opt to suffer in silence.

Some victims suffered at the hands of paedophiles because their parents never believed them. There are several cases of little girls who were for years abused by their step-fathers because each time they spoke up their mothers never took their side.

When your kids tell you, someone uncomfortably touched them, never wave it off like it means nothing. Thank them for notifying you, and ensure to keep such a person at arm’s length even if they are relatives. 

Always, listen to your children with keen interest. Let them know they can count on you.

Never Be Too Busy To Care For Your Children/Wards 

Children never beseech their parents to bring them into the world, therefore, when you have them they are automatically your responsibility. Consequently, no one should be too busy for their children. 

Accordingly, quit leaving the grooming of your children in the hands of strangers and relatives.

Activities such as bathing the little children should be done by the parents. While bathing them be observant and question them about any sore or changes you discover. This measure is imperative to avoid your children being violated under your nose.

As a parent, you must be observant and vigilant. Access to your children’s bodies should be limited.


What must be done when a paedophile is caught?

Always take legal actions against paedophiles. Nothing diminishes the healing process of victims of molestation more than the fact that their abusers got away with their crime. 

Never try to hide the deeds of a paedophile.  Ensure they are arrested and the law serves its course. Victims get closure when justice is served. Never sweep the issue under the carpet irrespective of who the paedophile was.

How can victims wholly heal?

Child molestation affects both the body and mind. Get victims medical help and therapy.

In paedophilia limited to the molestation of children?

No, paedophilia is not limited to the molestation of children. Flaunting your genitals in front of a child, having improper sexual conversations with children, practising sexual acts in the presence of a child are parts of being a paedophile.

How can children be protected from paedophiles?

Kindly follow the discussed measures of this article.

Do paedophiles also abuse toddlers?

Sadly, even innocent toddlers are sometimes victims of paedophiles. Toddlers can neither speak nor defend themselves. Therefore, be very protective towards your toddlers and babies. Be mindful of who you to hold your children.


Paedophiles are a threat to the well-being of children. Therefore, we must get real with our children and inform them of the existence of these dangerous beings. Remember, knowledge is power. How informed are your children? If you follow the discussed measures on how to protect your children from paedophiles you will be protecting your children.

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